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Ornament Exchange

Ornament Exchange 17

Ornament Exchange Linda Sharp

I am very excited to be a part of this Ornament Exchange and my very first Blog Hop with all these amazing artists. Thank you for taking the time to look at all the wonderful ornaments.

This is the project I will be sharing, called simply, Love, Joy, Peace. It is an elegant piece that will be a welcome addition to your holiday ornament collection.Love, Joy Peace OrnamentYou will need the following supplies to create this lovely ornament:

  • 3-3/4” Ball Ornament #31-30300 available from Cupboard Distribution
  • DecoArt Traditions paint: Hansa Yellow, Medium White, Naphthol Red, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Warm White and Vermillion.
  • DecoArt Traditions Extender and Blending Medium (Extender), Satin Varnish
  • DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics: Translucent White
  • DecoArt Extreme Sheen: Gold
  • DecoArt DecoPage Matte
  • Suggested brushes: Large flat or oval (for base coating and applying Extender), ¼”, ½” and ¾” Angle Brush, #2, 6 or 8 filberts, #0 Dresden Liner, 10/0 Scroller/Liner and a large mop.
  • DecoArt DecoPage Paper: Victorian Romance – Music
  • Ornament hanger for drying (optional)

Cut DecoPage Music paper into a 1” strip. Tear the paper by pulling towards you.

Base coat the ornament with one coat of Medium White. Slip slap Medium White and Warm White on the ornament giving a mottled look. Apply a coat of DecoPage to the center of the center and to the back side of the music. Place the music around the ornament and smooth with your finger.

Apply a thin coat of Extender to the entire surface with a ¾” angle brush. Side-load the brush with Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and slip slap all over the ornament. Pick up a little Naphthol Red and slip slap here and there to add color. Soften with a mop. Dry well before continuing.

Paint one coat of Translucent White over the music with a #6 filbert. Dress a ½” angle brush with Extender and side-load with Transparent Yellow Oxide and shade around the top finial and on both sides of the music.

Paint lettering with two coats of Naphthol Red using a 01 Dresden Liner.

Add dark shading to the letters with Permanent Alizarin Crimson and a 10/0 Scroller or Liner. Highlight the letters with Vermillion and a 10/0 Scroller or Liner.

Base coat berries with 2 coats of Naphthol Red using a #2 filbert. Shade the left side of the berries with Permanent Alizarin Crimson. Highlight with Vermillion. Pick up Hansa Yellow on the dirty brush and add a second highlight. Add a Warm White dot for a final highlight.

Load a 10/ Scroller with Sap Green and tip with Hansa Yellow. Tap tip on the palette a couple of times until you can see both colors and add clusters of 3 comma strokes between each berry. Load both colors on the brush and paint an S-stroke between the berries and the lettering. Using a 10/0 Scroller and a brush mix of thinned Sap Green + Hansa Yellow, paint scrolls.

Load a #0 Dresden Liner with Extreme Sheen Gold and paint strokes on the top of the ornament. Begin by painting the longest stroke over the word and pull towards the top. Add two smaller strokes to the cluster. There are three of these clusters, one over each word. Fill in the spaces with smaller clusters of strokes. Dry. Repeat for the bottom of the ornament. Add a dot in the center.

Finishing Details: Paint center of finial Gold and add dots to the top. Add a final highlight on the berries with Extreme Sheen Gold dot. Add some three dot clusters as desired in between the berries.

Varnish with two coats of Satin Varnish. Add a bow and enjoy!

Download Pattern Here: Love Joy Peace Pattern

For your convenience, here is a downloadable copy of the entire project:

Ornament Exchange 17-Love Joy Peace-Linda Sharp

DecoArt Give Away

Comment to Win !!!

DecoArt is providing the DecoArt product used in this project to one lucky winner.  To enter to be a part of this giveaway comment on this blog post.  I will select the winner on November 3rd.   Each artist in this blog hop will also be offering the DecoArt Give Away so check their amazing ornaments using the links below.

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I hope you are enjoying this Blog Hop and are inspired to paint some ornaments for family and friends.  Please share your creations with us on Facebook.

Special Thank you to DecoArt and Cupboard Distributing for sponsoring our blog hop.


  1. Luv this thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautiful Linda, absolutely beautiful. Thank you! This is so fun.

  3. So simply pretty!

  4. Thank you for offering this😀

  5. Linda,
    I love your ornament. Can you put a link so we can download it to print it off. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

    • Hi Kris, Thank you for your kind words. I have just added a link to download the project. You will find it just below the link for the pattern and above the DecoArt Promotion. Hope this helps!

  6. What a beautiful ornament! I just got somebof the lovely DecoArt papers fir a Marianne Andreazza project. I can’t wait to try yiur lovely ornament! Thanks!

  7. Thank you Linda Love it!

  8. Love the ornament. Must try

  9. Rosemary Reyes Miller

    thank you I’ve been taking class for some time this helps to learn new ways that I still have a hard time with the step by steps helps a lot Thank You.

  10. Hi Linda! Your ornament is adorable! I’ve not been able to download anything other than the picture of the words. Am I overlooking a place that the complete pattern instructions can be downloaded?

  11. love working with these papers thank you for another way to use them!!

  12. So pretty, thanks for sharing

  13. So pretty, Linda! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  14. Pretty ornament! Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop, such a wonderful time for us painters following the Hop.

  15. Love this ornament Linda!

  16. such a lovley design am going to try a few for friends this year

  17. So Pretty, Thanks!

  18. Hi Linda! Beautiful ornament!!! I really like the vivid colors that are produced with the Traditions Paint. I didn’t realize what a difference it is until you came to Austin and we painted with you! Nice job!

  19. Oh my, how gorgeous! I am just starting to work on my Christmas stuff. This one made the list!

  20. My favorite of the day!

  21. What a pretty ornament. I can imagine it standing out with a green tree behind it! Than you for sharing your talent.

  22. Very pretty..Thank you for sharing..

  23. Love this ornament, a quick one to do…thank you so much Linda for the pattern 🙂

  24. Thank you for the great ornament.

  25. What a beautiful, clever ornament!!! It is a lovely way to share the Christmas spirit thru music!! Love your design!

  26. Thank you Linda! I love this!

  27. Thank you Linda, beautiful ball Ornament, just finished Noel banner and 10’Noel plaques for my table at our Chapter luncheon, so I have had plenty of practice with strokes!

    • Hi Heather! Thank you for your compliment on the ball ornament! Wow…you’ve been one busy lady painting for your chapter luncheon…and yes…you have been practicing your stroke work if you did that many! I’d love to see a picture of the table! Thanks for sharing!

  28. A really beautiful ornament. Would be a great one to give as an heirloom ornament. Thank you.

  29. Thank You!! I love your ornament!! Can’t wait to paint it! Thanks to all of you who made this possible. It feels like Christmas morning a little early!

  30. Very nice!

  31. This is soooo pretty, Linda! Love your work!

  32. Debra Dennis Cannistra

    Very nice ornament. Thank you Linda for sharing your talent with us!

  33. Lovely ornament. Thanks for sharing!!!

  34. Can’t wait to start painting it! LOVE it!!

  35. Linda,

    Your design is striking! The Blog Hop is so much fun!
    Thank you!

  36. A beautiful heirlooom ornament, I think. Love using the note paper….love the design…love the whole think. Thanks so much for sharing.

  37. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  38. This is a cleverly designed ornament. I love the music paper as a background. A must do!!!

  39. Cool project…thank you Linda!

  40. Love it.. thanks!!

  41. Stephanie Maynard

    This looks like fun!

  42. So cute! I happen to have some of these just waiting to get painted on. Thanks for sharing Linda!

  43. Wow … congratulations on a beautiful ornament. Looks awesome

  44. Thank you for a lovely ornament Linda. I have downloaded the pattern and will definitely be painting this one.

  45. I love the beautiful colors in this ornament! It reminds me of the Christmas story it’s a Wonderful Life! :)……What a wonderful way of getting into the Christmas Spirit with the ornament exchange, and all these beautiful ornaments!

  46. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  47. Thank you. Your note about where to comment on your blog helped. I’m new to this .
    Your ornament is lovely. Can’t wait to make one!

    • Hi Bobbie…you are so welcome! I’m knew to “blogging” too and there is a bit of a learning curve. So glad you found it! I appreciate your comment, thank you!

  48. Love your ornament, thank you for sharing

  49. Very nice…thank you for sharing!

  50. Thank you so much for sharing your ornament! I’m going to try it!

  51. Thank you for sharing your design. I love the bright colors.

  52. Thank you for sharing – I never would have thought – or tried – to use the music paper on an ornament like this

  53. Love the music!

  54. Love this design! Thank you for sharing!

  55. I Love this! Great opportunity to use some new to me products with great instructions. Thank you for sharing!

  56. Wow! These instructions have colors, brushes and techniques that I’ve never used or did before. It’s a beautiful ornament that I would like to try all of these new items on. The strip of decoupage caught my eye as well as the gorgeous colors and design that gives this ornament its elegance. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

    • Thank you for your comments, Lisa! I’m happy you like the colors and instructions. The decoupage paper was fun to experiment with and it turned out to be a great addition to the ornament. I’m pleased you like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

  57. I love mixed media projects especially those with music notes! Love this ornament! thanks for sharing with us!

  58. Patti Stemmermann

    Thank you, Linda for sharing your talent with us! Such a cute ornament!

  59. I’m all musical and this is a classic – Thanks Linda 🙂

  60. Elaine D'Archangel

    Thank you for sharing your gift…..just lovely

  61. Love it

  62. I love this Christmas ball! Captures the season so well!

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